Lily Woi

Transform your workplace culture, unlock your team’s true potential, and elevate your executive career

Behaviours and habits are contagious—change them for the better to unlock greater performance in your organisation, your team, your career, and most of all in yourself. Click the button below, and I’ll show you how …

About Lily

Hi, I’m Lily Woi, and I’m so glad we found each other. If you’ve read this far, something I’ve said resonates. And that’s because I have been in your situation.

As an ex-corporate person, I get you. I understand what it’s like to be constantly firefighting endless challenges, feeling overwhelmed, and without the headspace to focus on the things that matter to you the most.

I reshaped my career by 180 when I hit my limit and could not imagine living another day not achieving my full potential. As the author of Quiet Confidence: Thriving in a World Full of Noise, my growth journey is now inspiring many people to do the same.

I’m here to help you shift behaviours, unlock potential, and develop courageous cultures. If you want to empower, elevate, and excel, it’s time to get purposeful!

2024 Awards Finalist

I’m thrilled to be named a finalist for two prestigious awards in 2024: Leader of the Year (British HR Awards by New Possible) and Best New Business (SME London Business Awards by London Chamber of Commerce and Industry). This recognition reflects my dedication to empowering the people I serve and helping them achieve outstanding results.

Services overview

Executive Career & Leadership Coaching

Accelerate your confidence, own your value, and be unapologetically you.

High-Performing Teams

Let’s overcome your team’s challenges so you can focus on making a real impact.

Organisational Culture Change

My holistic approach helps you build the right culture for you to drive real, lasting change.

Public Speaking

I deliver keynote speeches, masterclasses, half-day and full-day workshops.

Client testimonials

“I cannot recommend Lily highly enough. She brought a maturity and depth of learning unlike any I’ve ever experienced on a training course; personalised, informative, and reflective. She gave a vast toolkit of managerial and self-reflection techniques based on psychology and research, enabling me to understand and manage behaviours in myself and others that I didn’t realise were there.”

Joey Pickering


Manager, Deloitte

“Lily Woi is an absolute delight. Her positivity is infectious and was an attribute to the success of an IAR workshop that she facilitated. Not only did she share knowledge, but she also encouraged and supported all participants in sharing their stories in addition to providing her thoughtful guidance to continue the momentum.”

Dina Durutlic


Manager, Mendix

“I’ve taken away so much from working with Lily—I learnt to put myself first, developed allies, become politically savvy and am now included in strategic leadership meetings. I was also promoted to senior management with a $40,000 increase to my base salary, on 8% bonus and company stocks! You are perfect for anyone who needs to learn to focus on their career especially for minorities.”

Elisabete N.


Sr. Biopharmaceutical Scientist