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Transform Your Leadership, Energise Your Team and Revolutionise Your Culture

I work across all layers—top-down, bottom-up and sidways—to support you in achieving your outcomes. Check out my services below to discover the possibilities! 

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Unleash Your Potential with Executive Career & Leadership Coaching

It’s time to step into your power to create opportunities and build relationships in a way that just feels right. In a way that just feels YOU. 

You will become unapologetically authentic, empowered, and successful in your career. I don’t believe in cookie-cutter approaches, so everything we do together is personalised to you.

Throughout this journey, you will rediscover your authentic self, elevate your leadership capabilities, and be confident to proudly tell your story of who you are.

If you’re ready to achieve your true potential and be empowered in your career, book an exploratory call below to discover your best and fastest path to achieving your goals.

Find out how I have helped Maryam to go from discouraged, unhappy and desperate to finally taking ownership of her career. Within 3 months, she grew her network by 50 people and landed a new job in a different field with almost a 50% pay increase that fits her lifestyle and desires.

Release the Collective Power of Your High-Performing Team

The single most untapped competitive advantage is teamwork. Don’t let team conflict, mediocre group performance and disengagement stop you from hitting your collective potential.

The key is understanding the 5 layers of structural and behavioural changes your team needs to become high-performing and drive lasting change that delivers results. 


Every layer is needed, and often leaders and teams miss out on taking a balanced approach that is suited to their situation. Not anymore! 

If you’re ready to unlock your team performance and make a lasting impact, let’s get on a strategy call to discover what is needed to accelerate progress.

Lily Woi’s workshop was enjoyable and inspiring. I loved the clarity, concise delivery, and productive exercises. I’m putting what I’ve learned into practice immediately. – Mike Kohler, Team Leader, BFI National Archive.

Transform Your Workplace Culture to Achieve Business Success

Culture is how organisations do things. Whether deliberate or not, every company has a culture. It manifests as the behaviours and habits shared and reinforced by everyone in the company. That’s why culture is easy to learn but difficult to unlearn.

You must be intentional about the culture you create, ensuring it sets the company and all its people up for success. My proprietary CRIPT™ framework helps you to assess and build a winning culture that is uniquely yours, driving real, lasting change.

Check out my two case studies below. If you’re interested in learning more about how you can achieve similar success, book an exploratory call to discuss your vision and requirements. 

Becoming Purpose-Led: transitioned a global shipping company from a command and control culture into a purposeful-led organisation, contributing to a sustained 15% increase in overall employee engagement, acknowledged as a key driver in employee retention and increased performance.

Making Culture Tangible: supported a pension company to develop a culture dashboard that drives informed, insight-driven decision-making and changes priorities based on their cultural health. It enabled senior leaders to clear the confusion and engage in meaningful conversations to deliver tangible culture change to support the company’s strategy. 

Book Me to Speak to Unlock Insights, Energise Change and Inspire Action

Invite me to speak, and your audience will gain invaluable insights into building a thriving career, discovering authentic leadership styles, and creating successful workplace cultures through my engaging keynote speeches, immersive masterclasses, and dynamic half-day and full-day workshops. 

I’ve spoken internationally to audiences from diverse industries, such as SAP, BAFTA and Pearson, using customised messages and specific recommendations that are relevant to the audience’s situation so that it’s meaningful for them and they will be able to take concrete action. 

Check out my Media page for a selection of past conference recordings.

Possible topic includes:

  • Thriving at Work: Holistic Career Advancement
  • Emotional Intelligence: Cultivating Empathy & Self-Compassion
  • Inclusivity in the Workplace
  • Building Open Feedback Culture
  • Fostering Psychological Safety and Trust 
  • Coaching at Work 

To discuss your needs, schedule an exploratory call with me. 

100% of the audience rated the session as engaging – hit it out of the park, resonating messages beyond expectation. – PMXPO

I found Lily to be personable, professional and passionate. The session was expertly delivered and the feedback was really positive. I would happily invite her back. – James W, Lloyds Banking Group 

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