Lily Woi

Quiet confidence. Be seen, be heard, and be successful quietly and confidently.

Lily helps leaders unleash their success superpower and thrive in their careers, accelerating the change needed to realise their vision successfully.

She is an executive coach, culture and leadership expert, published author, and accomplished international speaker. She was previously an executive contributor for Brainz Magazine and featured on Forbes. She’s also a well-versed practitioner for DiSC, Hogan and TalentPredix assessments.

As an ex-corporate person, she gets it.

She understands what it’s like to be constantly firefighting endless challenges, feeling overwhelmed and without the headspace to focus on the things that matter most to you. Making positive changes that drive real value often seems like an unattainable goal. And that feeling and constant anxiety and frustration suck big time.

That’s why she’s on a mission to change that. She is uniquely qualified to share her experience and techniques because she has been in your shoes and knows how it feels. She’s here to help you shift behaviours, unlock potential, transform careers, and develop courageous cultures.

It’s time to get purposeful and intentional, break the glass ceiling, and unleash your full potential.

Lily partners with companies to assess, design, and bring workplace cultures that are uniquely theirs to life. She advises and trains executives to be courageous and improve coherence and accountability to drive high performance.

As an ex-Deloitte consultant, she has led multimillion-pound programmes to enhance organisational effectiveness and drive large-scale challenges. Since leaving consulting, she has worked with international clients to build successful careers, tap into their competitive advantage, and foster inclusive, high-performing cultures.

She authored Quiet Confidence: Thriving in a World Full of Noise, sharing her introverted journey on how she has taken charge of her career to carve out a role she’s passionate about while still in employment.

She has been invited to present at multiple global conferences, including SAP, BAFTA, Project Management Institute, Society for Human Resource Management, Women in Agile, and Business Change & Transformation Conference, speaking on topics ranging from “Inclusivity in the Workplace,” “Being Influential,” and “Reinventing Career Advancement Holistically.”

She has also appeared in various leadership and culture podcasts, sharing her inspiring story.

Quiet Confidence: Thriving in a World Full of Noise

By Lily Woi

Quiet Confidence is written for introverted corporate professionals struggling to create a space where they can be successful in a way that suits their personalities.

This book will guide them through a journey from accepting their introverted side to practical ways to create a space where they can bring their whole selves to work and succeed in their profession. It’s time to leverage your introverted advantage to succeed in the corporate world, where you often mistakenly believe that being loud is what brings you success.

Client testimonials

“My experience working with Lily is, in a word, ‘Fantastic!’ She made it a safe and supportive atmosphere to have honest conversations and open debates about our collective journeys and experiences. It’s made me rethink my leadership style and increase my awareness of different tools to get the best out of my team, with coaching and a growth mindset as the highlight.”

Ben Armitage


Consulting Manager, Deloitte

"Lily, thank you so much for leading the workshops to your usual extremely high standards. I know Alexa enjoyed working with you. I was emailed today by one of the participants who told me how valuable and thought-provoking they found it. I am, as you know, so thrilled to have you and your expertise within my professional network."

Jennifer Smith


Interim CEO, CIISA

“Huge thank you for joining us at the BWN Leadership Summit. Your mainstage talk was essential to the summit theme. I was blown over by the feedback I received throughout the day. I think your story resonated with many of our leaders, and they were eager to learn from you, myself included. Thank you for being part of our D&I story. It was a pleasure hosting you for the day.”

Sarah Hayers


BWN Global Director, SAP